Polerowanie reflektora - na przykładzie Skoda Superb 1 3USoczewki przeciwmgielne

Światło mijania oraz z prawej mniejsza soczewka - przeciwmgielne

Światło mijania oraz z prawej mniejsza soczewka - przeciwmgielne
  • oQnfismuGX 04-07-2012 g. 10:21:28
    Hi Daniel,Thanks for another great post. This was the part that rsoaneted the most in me:"These days marketing is less about finding customers than being found by customers."Exactly. Goodbye outbound marketing, hello inbound marketing. I believe that when a customer finds the business and not the other way around, the probability for conversion is higher. Your content was good enough to lure him in, surely there is something about your business that interested him/her.I have to agree that for the moment, Facebook bookings are sparse. However, I think this is also a result of users not trusting Facebook to provide credit card details and make online transactions. I'm pretty sure that with time, this will change and we will see more bookings coming directly from Facebook. Another way of seeing it, is that you could use Facebook to engage the customer, answer his inquiries and then, provide him/her with a direct link to your booking engine. This would count as a "Facebook booking" since it was originated there.And yes, with the rise of internet-enabled mobile devices, mobile websites are a must; brands that take early advantage of this will see increased bookings for sure!Keep up the good work,Camilo
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